☆Kagerou PAIN☆


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I went to see the play “Kagerou PAIN”.

Still, I cannot talk about this yet, because the work is being performed
and there are still many people coming to see it,
but once I finished watching it, my heart trembled with emotion.

The music was made by Chiaki Ishikawa and the story told by Daisuke Nishida,
plus the entire cast.

All together,
work is wonderful.

The thought of someone,
someone’s feelings,
the feeling of losing someone,
feeling the need to protect someone.

Despair and hope.

I cannot really describe it in words,
it’s a great deal of excitement.

If the world ended tomorrow…
What would you think? What would you do?

Today that story has taken many turns,
I’ll try to think of those feelings.

With Nishida, Ryoko, Ryota and Ichiuchi♪

twitter: NamiTamaki0601


☆Performance Details☆


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Sengoku BASARA3 Utage performance details

【Fukuoka Performance】
Dates: 2013.04.26(Friday)~28(Sunday)
Venue: Canal City Theatre
【Nagoya Performance】
Dates: 2013.5.2(Thursday)~4(Saturday)
Venue: Chunichi Theatre
【Tokyo Performance】
Dates: 2013.5.10(Monday)~19(Sunday)
Venue: Nippon Seinen-Kan Hall
【Osaka Performance】
Dates: 2013.5.23(Thursday)~26(Sunday)
Venue: Morinomiya Piloti Hall


Admission: 7,200 yen for reserved seats in advance (tax included)

Choreography, composition and production: Daisuke Nishida
Original: CAPCOM(”Sengoku BASARA” series)
Original Supervision: Hiroyuki Kobayashi(CAPCOM)Shin Yamamoto(CAPCOM)
Cooperation Scenarios: Izuru Matsuno
Producer: Sankaku Dai Shimoura Kikyou
Cooperation: Yamatakara Sangyou
Production: DICE Office ENDLESS
Co-organized by: JTB Corproate Sales
Organized by: DICE, Canal City Theatre, Chunichi Shimbun

■Sengoku BASARA3 Utage Cast
Matsunaga Hisahide (actor: Kenji Matsuda)

Date Masamune (actor: Yuuki Kubota)
Sanada Yukimura (actor: Kei Hosogai)
Ieyasu Tokugawa (actor: Yusuke Hirose)
Mitsunari Ishida (actor: Seijiro Nakamura)

Kojuro Katakura (actor: Tomokazu Yoshida)
Sasuke Sarutobi (actor: Yojiro Murata)
Tsuruhime (actress: Yukie Kawamura)
Magoichi Saica (actress: Minase Yashiro)
Takeda Shingen (actor: Ken Nakamura)
Uesugi Kenshin (actris: AKIRA)
Yoshiaki Mogami (actor: Yasuhiko Imai)
Kotaro Fuma (actor: Hikaru Takahashi)
Yoshimoto Imagawa (actor: Takuya Tsukamoto)
Nagamasa Azai (actor: Kosei Sakurada)

Mitsuhide Akechi (actor: Masashi Taniguchi)
Oda Nobunaga (actor: Akira Kubodera)

Oichi (actress: Nami Tamaki)

・Official Fanclub (e-plus)
Purchase dates: January 14 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 16 Members only

・Animetasu (e-plus)
Purchase dates: Jan. 18 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 21

・JTB Official Tour
Purchase dates: Jan. 18 from 12am to 11:59pm ~ Jan. 21

Purchase dates: Jan. 18 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 23

・f-JOY Card Kaiin Senko
Purchase dates: Jan. 20 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 23

Purchase dates: Jan. 25 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 28

・Lawson Ticket
Purchase dates: Jan. 26 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 30
Fukuoka L Code: 83876
Nagoya L Code: 46553
Tokyo L Code: 34254
Osaka L Code: 59552

・Ticket Pia
Purchase dates: Jan. 26 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Jan. 30

Purchase dates: February 2 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Feb. 6

・Canal City Hakata HP
Purchase dates: Feb. 2 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Feb. 6

・Musical “Sengoku BASARA” Official HP
Purchase dates: Feb. 2 from 12pm to 6pm ~ Feb. 6

・General Sale Tickets
Purchase date: Feb. 17 from 10am @ e-plus, Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, Kanfeti, Chunichi Theatre (only in Nagoya).

Please be sure to visit each website and read every detail on purchase information entries.

☆Sengoku BASARA☆


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【Butai Sengoku BASARA3 Utage】

They are going to let me appear!!

Surprisingly, too! As a role of my favorite city!!

I am anxious for the countdown of the presentation,
I was watching Ustream.

Azai is the husband of my character,
I’m personally excited about this vocal performance…

I will prove to everyone that I am able to interpret
securely and firmly the personality of Oichi,

I will work hard to give the best of me!

Visit Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka!

Please come to each verder.
Come all, to see!!


This was also put on Twitter,
also great for Animal Crossing City specifications.

I’ve made it over two hours.←

A volume of luck is in front of it.


“Sengoku BASARA3 Utage” appearance decided!!


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Participation in a new musical has been decided!!!!!

“Sengoku BASARA3 Utage”
More information after pre ticket start!
Tickets are here January 14

Nami as Oichi

Fukuoka Performances: April 26 (Friday)~April 28(Sunday) all 4 stages @ Canal City Gekijo
Nagoya Performances: May 2(Thursday)~May  4(Saturday) all 5 stages @ Chinichi Theatre
Tokyo Performances: May 10(Monday)~May 19(Sunday) all 14 stages @ Nippon Seinen-Kan Hall
Osaka Performances: May 23(Thursday)~May 26(Sunday) all 6 stages @ Piloti Hall

Kenji Matsuda as 松永久秀(Matsunaga Hisahide)
Yuki Kubota as 伊達政宗(Date Masamune)
Kei Hosogai as 真田幸村(Sanada Yukimura)
Hiro Seyuusuke as 徳川家康(Tokugawa Ieyasu)
Nakamura Seijirou as 石田三成(Ishida Mitsunari)
Yoshida Tomokazu as 片倉小十郎(Katakura Kojuurou)
Murata Youjirou as 猿飛佐助(Sasuke Sarutobi)
Kawamura Yukie as 鶴姫(Tsuruhime)
Minase Yashiro as 雑賀孫市(Saiga Magoichi)
Kengatana Nakamura as 武田信玄(Takeda Shingen)
AKIRA as 上杉謙信(Uesugi Kenshin)
Imai Yasuhiko as 最上義光(Mogami Yoshiaki)
Hikaru Takahashi as 風魔小太郎(Fuuma Kotarou)
Tsukamoto Takuya as 今川義元(Imagawa Yoshimoto)
Sakurada Kousei as 浅井長政(Azai Nagamasa)
Masashi Taniguchi as 天海(明智光秀)(Amami(Akechi Mitsuhide))
Akira Kubodera as 織田信長(Oda Nobunaga)
Nami Tamaki as お市(Oichi)



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I spent three days in Osaka, Kyoto and Wakayama,
I’ve finally returned to Tokyo.

I went to Osaka to visit my nephews,
then I was in Kyoto Kiyomizu temple,
and then I went to my home, Wakayama.

Spending time with my parents and my brothers
makes me feel very happy.


My nephew and my niece love “Kobitozukan.”
so I made these drawings.

【Kobito~Kimochi warui~】

I drew while they told me how important it was for them.


At home I ate ozoni (New Years dish) and white miso soup.

When I pass the New Year in Tokyo,
I always eat ozoni, it’s exceptional.


Of course, we also ate ramen in Wakayama.

For my parents, this ramen is also exceptional.

In Wakayama, many ramen shops have this type,
and on the table it’s accompanied by eggs, delicious.


Before, I went back to Osaka to say goodbye to the children.
(Their faces are blurred♡)

I am a happy aunt.

Encouragement for Aunt.

Today I come to Tokyo,
as the start of the day I feel it will be a wonderful year.

This year, I will fight also!


Translation help from Nami Tamaki Spain

☆The Day of My Beginning☆


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Happy New Year!

This year, for the moment…
I start running at full speed
on the course for my 10th anniversary.

I found something from my early years.

I had not seen this for 10 years,
the thing that made me jump.


I won the final hearing held at Zepp Tokyo,
from that day was born, for me, a great opportunity to become apart of the entertainment world.

That day changed my life.

These days I’d like to devote acknowledgments,
here now,
for all the support I have received from everyone.

At the same time, I do not regret anything I’ve done
throughout this time to receive this anniversary,
always putting my fighting spirit forward.

There is a lot of happiness in my heart, to the smallest detail,
I will continue well throughout my life.

Once again, this year too, thank you very much, to everyone, for your love!


Translation help from Nami Tamaki Spain



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2012, Year of the Dragon, Woman of this year.

This year…

I released the singles “LADY MIND” and “PARADISE”
these two works were carried with hard work and effort,
numerous events, lives, concerts,
I’ve acted in two new musicals, “Coffee Prince” and

“Hashire Melos”
and I have grown as an artist again, this has been very


2013.04.23 completes an entire decade of my career,
I go towards the tenth year,
increasingly, working each paper one by one, each work,
studying everything carefully, defying all bravely,
I can absorb every moment and every work flexiable,
acting for myself and believing in my desires.

In addition, I have gained a lot of confidence,
I will keep fighting and offer far beyond the best.

I have a lot of exciting things in the coming year.

The year of my birthday

I hope to see you all again soon,
work hard!!

Precisely because of all of you, this has also been a good

Thaaaaaaaaank you!!

Goodbye, Year of the Dragon! Goodbye, Woman of this

Thanks 2012

Have a good year!

This year, family eating meat♡


Translation help from Nami Tamaki Spain

☆Nail and Eyelash☆


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The last nail and eyelash of the year,
esNAIL and esLASH
have given a lot to me this year!!

This time, it’s a a French hologram,
with New Year ornaments,
and a golden line.

And on each ring finger, a hologram and gold ribbon.

My initial “N” is also gold♪

As for eyelashes, I’ve fully extended!

It can be seen perfectly up and down

I can comfortably wear these again(^ω^)♪



Also, thank you very much for this year.


Translation help from Nami Tamaki Spain



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A final view this Christmas♪

This happened on Christmas Day.

Did you enjoy it?

I’ve tasted a delicious meal,
I’m happy.

From now on,
a new year is approaching, a new year!!

Goodbye to the Year of the Dragon, my sign, my year,


But a new year begins, I’m excited!

I will be happy to receive  it,
there will be a lot of fun!!

Starting tomorrow begins a new year festival.

Because I can never forget,
I will thank the year 2012 for everything.

There are only a few days!!


Translation help from Nami Tamaki Spain



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Merry Christmas Eve!

Even I have nothing prepared but
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas,
How are you going to spend it??

But, again
I find it very romantic, the Christmas events~

For the effect of lighting and winter clothes,
I passed a lot of tenderness,
couples are all very nice. It’s wonderful

Well, I think I’m going
to eat pizza right now.

Have a sweet sweet X’mas<3


Translation help from Nami Tamaki Spain